Mission - Treatment & Support


Founded by long-time members of the San Francisco Bay Area recovering community, Escalade is committed to help reintegrate alcoholics and addicts into mainstream society. Our goal is to supplement primary treatment for addictive disorders and help alcoholics and addicts firmly establish themselves in the recovering community and then the mainstream community at large.


Our mission is to provide:


• Guidance and support for individuals and families suffering from addictive diseases so that appropriate treatment and steps are taken to establish a healthy sober life.

• The resources and guidance to aid those in the recovering community to cope with challenges of medical illness, legal difficulties, financial emergencies and issues of terminal illness, death and dying of loved ones.

• Guidance, mentoring and financial aid for those of the recovering community pursuing higher education, professional or vocational training.


We are committed to using public-private funding so that no one is denied treatment because of finances.


Vision - Empowerment


Our vision is that one day society will view addictive diseases like any other chronic medical condition, such as diabetes or hypertension, and that those suffering from addictive diseases are able to navigate the health care complex, work environment and educational institutions without prejudice. Further, that those in recovery are lauded for that accomplishment rather than discriminated against because of their past.


544 Thain Way • Palo Alto, CA • 650-494-7090 • info@escaladefoundation.org